Opening Day

Whether by car, plane, or shuttle, we greet you as family!

What to expect

Each Kamper is individually welcomed to Kamp as they are introduced to their counselors and cabin mates. Experience it for yourself!

Cheers and Smiles!

Kampers can be tentative about a first time summer camp experience, so we design this day to keep your child engaged and active. Our staff are sensitive to your Kamper and any first day jitters they might be experiencing.

Opening Day

We'll immediately check your Kamper in electronically and snap a photo of him/her. Afterwards, you'll receive an email confirmation that includes their snapshot.

Say Cheese!

Parents are welcome to visit their child's cabin to visit with his/her counselors and help them get settled in. This is a great opportunity to meet and encourage the staff who will be serving and mentoring your child.

Cabin Visits

Closing Ceremonies

We'll have an exciting time of reuniting and fellowship, and your Kamper will be ready to return home encouraged in their faith, and strengthened in their confidence!

What to expect

Closing Ceremonies is a “Don’t Want To Miss” Family affair! Parents, siblings, and grandparents alike are invited to this end of term reunion.

A Family Event

Each Kamp has it's own Closing Ceremony schedule and location! Be sure to plan your travel ahead of time.

Closing Schedules

We invite you to be here for the exciting end to your Kamper's term and meet your Kamper's counselors and Leadership team.

Meet The Staff

Wear comfortable shoes, bring your camera, and be sure to stay hydrated!

Helpful Tips